Control de calidad de los equipos PET-CT en Colombia: disponibilidad de protocolos y recursos


Introduction: In Colombia, there is an increase in the number of nuclear medicine studies and PET-CT centers that require responsible practices to ensure the quality of the diagnostic process and the optimization of radiation exposure management in patients. It is necessary to establish recommendations and procedures, using viable measurement parameters for a simple clinical routine, adjusted to the country's resources.

Materials and methods: A literature review of the internationally accepted protocols related to the quality control of nuclear medicine technology is carried out. A national survey was also collected on the equipment of PET-CT centers in Colombia.

Results and analysis: Seven protocols were studied including their tests. Of the 17 tests analyzed, their periodicity, required instrumentation, as well as the degree of a description of the activities, were evaluated and compared between the protocols' requirements, and the available resources referred by the surveyed centers were established.

Conclusion: Considering the availability of resources in the country, most centers in Colombia are able to perform the tests recommended in the quality control protocol for PET-CT of the IAEA. Implementing this protocol will allow homogenizing and standardizing the practice of quality controls for PET-CT in Colombia with a direct impact on the quality of diagnostic images obtained.

Keywords: quality control, PET/CT, health resources, protocols.