Caracterização de exames PET-CT realizados no serviço de medicina nuclear em um hospital no sul do Brasil


Introduction: PET/CT imaging allows an early diagnosis because it captures changes that occurs in cellular metabolism through the intravenous administration of 18F-FDG. The aim was to characterize PET-CT exams regarding the profile of patients and access to the exam in the Nuclear Medicine Service. Method: Descriptive, retrospective study carried out at the Nuclear Medicine Service of a hospital in southern Brazil. Data were collected from February to December 2020. Results: During the study period, 288 exams were performed; 73.6% were outpatients with the Unified Health System as the source of payment. Oncological exams were the most prevalent, with non-Hodgkin lymphoma being the most frequent pathology. Follow-up treatment was the main objective of the examination. Conclusions: The characterization of patients who receive PET/CT examinations is important to support the increase in people's access to this important diagnostic tool.

Keywords: Nuclear Medicine; PET/CT; Lymphoma; Diagnostic Imaging.